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29 April 2013
Open to Change now available on Kindle

Vincent's seminal book Open to Change is now available for download on Kindle.

Long before 'thought leading' became a management cliché, Vincent Nolan was writing some of the most thoughtful and practical content on what it takes for the individual to find a purpose, take responsibility and prosper in a rapidly changing work environment. Now as then, he overturns a lot of conventional thinking about management, innovation and team-working

Whilst many will be familiar with his later work 'The Innovator's Handbook', a practical guide to idea problem solving, communication and teamwork, the earlier 'Open to Change' was part manifesto, part toolkit on how to enshrine a culture of creativity and innovation in business, one person at a time.

Crammed with sensible advice and practical tips around five principal themes: Invention and Problem Solving, Co-operation and Teamwork, Open-minded Communication, Learning and Change and Action Responsibility, 'Open to Change' continues to show the individual and the corporation how to stay open to change, meeting challenges with an open mind, keeping the spirit of invention, creativity and teamwork alive in personal and professional life.

Although technology has changed massively since the original publication, people and they way they interact (the subject matter of the book) have not changed. In fact, recent findings in neuroscience have shown that the book’s insights and conclusions about positive behaviours and interpersonal awareness, are even more relevant today than when the book was first published.

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